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19-3 Wausan-ro 1-gil, Sangsu-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul 서울시 마포구 와우산로 1길 19-3

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There is 3 main ways to go to our guesthouse.

  • Taxi
  • Bus
  • Subway

Taxi would be the most simplest way for 1 or 2 people. you just show our adress to the driver and they will drop you on the front door.

The cost will be around 50.000 won (42 USD)

Bus is the recommended when you arrive late at night, buses works 24 hours and they have a space for luggage so you can travel very comfortable.

The cost will be 15.000 won (12USD)

Finally subway is our recommended transport, since is cheap, fast, and easy to understand, every sign is in english.

The cost is 4.150 won (Less than 4USD)

After passing customs and picking up your luggage you can see many signs that will lead you to the “AIRPORT RAILROAD” which is the subway you have to take.

For taking the subway you have to buy a transportation card that is called T-MONEY card, the you put charge it and reload it as much as you will use it, since also works for bus, taxi and also buying anything in the convinence stores.

The subway transportation system in korea has many lines, line 1 to line number 9, there is also other line names like “Airport railroad” and others that transport you to other cities.

In this case your starting point is “INCHEON Int’l Airport” you will get down on the station called “DIGITAL MEDIA CITY”. From there you will have to transfer to a different line, the line number 6. you will see many signs and arrows that will show you the path. One you reach the line number 6 there is 2 directions, one will lead you to our place, the other is going on opposite side.
You have to take the subway that goes on the direction of “World Cup Stadium” once you ride it you wait 5 stops until you reach “Sangsu Station” that is were the guesthouse is.
Go to the exit number 4, coming out from exit#4 you will see a restaurant called Beer King on the corner to your left. Turn left while facing Beer King and continue to walk for 2 minutes (down hill, then uphill) until you see a GS25 convenience store on your right. Turn right at the GS25 and walk one minute until you see a CU convenience store on your Left. Turn left just *before* the CU and continue down the alley for 1 minute until you see the sign for our guesthouse.

Use this image as a reference from Sangsu Station